The List of the Best Paying Online Casinos in South Africa

There are many online casinos in South Africa you can choose from. However, most of the players are interested in dealing with the online casinos that offer the best payout rate. What does payout rate means? Payout rate is the dependence between the amount of funds deposited and betted by casino players and amount of funds won by players.

If the casino has high payout rate it likely means that you as a gambler have much more chances to win there than in other casinos.

The Table of Most Paying Out Online Casinos

So if you need to find the online casino with the highest paying out rate proceed below to see the table that was compiled on the bases of the open data published by online casinos of South Africa on the payout rate.

We have combined all that data to offer you the choice which casino you want to play in. It has to be mentioned that high payout rate doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win – there is the same probability to win for you depending on the slot or game mechanics.

How Can The Biggest Paying Online Casino Be Defined?

You need to watch the figures. For example, if it is 95% then you should know that the 95% of betted funds were paid out to the casino players. For example, if the betted sum for all players for all games in the given period in the casino made 100’000 ZAR, 95’000 ZAR were paid out as a prize.

And the higher is the coefficient the most paying out casino there is. All of this data is provided by casinos themselves and they guarantee it is correct. However, sometimes figures change, so it would be a good idea to check this page from time to time and watch which casino is paying out most at the current moment.

Which Is The Fastest Paying Online Casino?

Along with the most paying out online casinos most of the players are interested in dealing with the quickest paying online casino. That is obvious due to the fact it is always better to get the money you have withdrawn as fast as possible.

However, there are some issues with that now. The thing is there are different withdrawal methods implemented in the online casinos and the payout period doesn’t always depend on the casino itself. Yes, it takes some time to check the user’s profile and usually you are asked to provide your identity card, driver license or passport to make a withdrawal. But most of the time is taking by the payment method operators – banks, payment online services etc.

So it is hard to find the online casino with the same day payout due to technical reasons. However, if casino accepts and allows to withdraw using Bitcoins there is a probability it will provide same day payouts. However, you need to consider the fact that it can take a couple of hours for the payment to reach your wallet. Though you can watch the transaction is being transferred online.

What Is The Best Paying Online Casino In South Africa?

It can be said that the best online casino would provide fast withdrawal and the highest payout rate. It is up to you to choose the factor you value at most. For example, if you choose online casino with fastest payout but lower payout rate you decrease your chances to win. Maybe it is better to deal with online casino with the lower payout speed, but higher rate.

How Should The Instant Payout of Online Casino Affect Your Choice?

It is really important if you are in emergency. Well, in such a case you shouldn’t choose bank wire or any other payment method that takes long time. Really, if you are ready to wait for 3-7 days you can easily use bank card withdrawal method (and there is no much difference in payout period for online casinos for this method) , otherwise it is better to use Bitcoin method or online wallets for withdrawal.

There are many other important factors you really need to consider – for example, no deposit bonus rates. If you want to know more about online casinos in South Africa with no deposit bonus codes follow the link to the corresponding article on our website to see the highest rates.

Is It Better to Play In Real Paying Online Casino or Land Casino?

The thing is that for online casinos the payout rate is much more higher – it usually is over 95%, while for land casinos the payout rate usually doesn’t exceed 70-80%. Of course, they offer atmosphere and additional services to have a good time, but if you are ought to get involved in gambling only online casinos is the best choice.