Bitcoin for Online Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

As you can notice recently there have appeared many live casinos accepting payments in Bitcoin. Most of the users prefer to stay anonymous and that is why they choose to pay with Bitcoin which is really comfortable as usually when you choose any other payment option to pay by you need to prove or just disclose your identity which can be a bad option for a gambler.

And it is understandable as it takes only several seconds to get a Bitcoin wallet. So below you can get this subject disclosed.

List of Online Casinos That Support Bitcoin

If you have Bitcoins and what to use those directly to gamble in casinos of South Africa it would be a good option for you to choose the best Bitcoin casino. That is why we have made a Bitcoin casino list. Here you can find South African online casinos that accept Bitcoins.

What Is Bitcoin In Plain Words

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency launched in 2008 by so called Satoshi Nakamoto and no one really knows whether it is a nickname, a real person or the group of people. However, that really doesn’t pay a large role, what is really important about Bitcoin is that it is the first ever invented cryptocurrency that is based on the blockchain technology and is based decentralization principles.

That means that there is no issuer and no organization that can influence Bitcoin – just a community and market players affect it. ‘And that is the reason this cryptocurrency allows to make anonymous transactions as it is very easy to get a Bitcoin wallet in several seconds and you do not really need to disclose your identity.

So if you have question of how Bitcoin casinos work – the answer is – just like the regular ones. The only difference is the fact Bitcoin transactions can take a while and in order to withdraw funds you do not need to have a verified wallet or even to submit your ID/Driving License.

Why to Choose Bitcoin for Online Casino Transactions?

There are many reasons to deal with casino sites accepting Bitcoin is South Africa and many reason to Bitcoin as the main currency for making deposits and withdrawals:

  • there are many Bitcoin-friendly casino with no deposit bonus available
  • you can protect your privacy and make payments keeping anonymous
  • you get an access to fully decentralized and safe payment network
  • more and more live casino accept and stimulate players to use Bitcoins instead of the classic payment systems
  • many Bitcoin casinos are top-rated
  • most of the Bitcoin casinos have apps so you can gamble in casino using your mobile devices

You only need to register your wallet to use Bitcoins. It takes several seconds and afterwards you need to remember or write somewhere your login data. Afterwards you can use your Bitcoins where you want.

It is also considered to be an investment tool – which is so powerful that one you made a purchase of Bitcoins on $1000, in the next 7 days you can note that the sum on your wallet is equivalent to $1500 or even more. It is also rather easy to exchange Bitcoins on any other currencies as there are many automatic exchangers and currency markets that allow to provide such operations easily.

Alternatives for Bitcoin to Use in South African Casinos

Bitcoin is not the only one cryptocurrency available, however, there are not much online casino that support other cryptocurrencies. So usually the alternatives you have are classic – payment systems, your bank account or bank card.