All about making a deposit at South Africa’s online casino with PayPal system

Online casino PayPal method is the most widely used way of making a deposit and receiving winnings in South Africa. It is no wonder, as an online casino with PayPal means safety and fast payouts that stay out of bank’s sight. Just one click on PayPal online casino and your money are on-the-spot ready for you to place your stake.

By transferring your deposit to an online casino using PayPal system you protect your funds, make the procedure quick and easy, and hide your actions form the bank, despite the fact your PayPal account is linked to your bank account. Using online casino real money PayPal method is generally free, except cases when your casino decides to charge a small fee for a transaction.

Advantages of Casino’s PayPal system

There are numerous advantages of using PayPal payment system and only one single con of it: not each online casino in South Africa takes deposit through PayPal. Therefore, you’d better pick a live casino that accepts PayPal to make money transactions between you and your gambling operator fast and flawless. Here are why you should make a real money deposit in an online casino using PayPal:

  • It’s totally safe.If you’d like to pay with PayPal online casino you can be sure your funds will be legally and safely transferred to a gambling site with no hesitations. All payments are 100% protected by the leading international payment system which PayPal is.
  • It allows hiding your transactions.Despite the fact your PayPal account is linked to your bank account, the bank won’t see that online casino with PayPal transactions.
  • Instant payments.The moment you choose an online casino that accepts PayPal you can forget about payments delay. Your payments to the online casino via PayPal will be received instantly, so you can start playing your favorite slots, roulettes, or poker games as soon as your deposit is open.

If you are still in a process of choosing the way of making a deposit to your online casino PayPal will be your safe and wise option, far more convenient than Neteller, Skrill, and other money transferring systems online casinos in South Africa typically use.

How does online casino deposit PayPal works?

An online casino pay by PayPal is at the peak of its popularity, so banks do everything to make a PayPal account opening as simple and fast procedure as it possible.

First of all, before you can start using an online casino with PayPal you will need to open an official bank account. Then, visit the PayPal website and open an account which is totally free whatever the country you live in. Right after your PayPal’s account is registered you’ll need to link it to the bank’s account in order to be able to receive payments and pay with PayPal to online casino.

When you are ready to make a deposit to an online casino PayPal will offer you to do it with one single click. That’s it, your payment is made and it is non-visible for a bank where your funds were directed to. Thus, your online casino PayPal payments are your only business and no one else’s.

Alternatives to online casino with PayPal

Currently, PayPal at any online casino in South Africa is the most preferred way of money transferring, yet, it has some good alternatives built on the same principle: to make online payments fast and simple.

Today, you’ll be typically offered the following major payment systems by South Africa’s online casinos:

  • Neteller and Skrill (both systems are widely used to pay with at online casinos as safe methods with almost instant money transferring).
  • Webmoney (an electronic system that isn’t linked to a bank account, so your earnings will stay out of bank’s sight. Though, it charges a pretty high commission).
  • Visa and MasterCard – banking methods used for international payments. Unlike online casino deposit PayPal method, the banking system can show some delay (up to 5 days) of money transferring to both sides.