Best South Africa No Deposit Casino Bonus in 2021

In order to attract new players and make gambling experience more valuable many online casinos in South Africa offer no deposit bonus. That means that you can play for real money and win real money without making a deposit. And often all you need to do is to sign in to the online casino in South Africa with no deposit bonus to get funds to your account instantly.

Online Casinos You Can Play With No Deposit

Below you can find a list of South African online casinos that demand no deposit to get bonus funds on your account. In the table below there is pointed out the amount of funds you will get for a free sign up after you follow a link.

How to Get Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

First of all, you need to consider that no deposit bonus in online casinos of South Africa are offered only to new users. That means you can only claim the bonus if you haven’t played in the casino recently.

There is a simple way to claim the bonus:

  1. choose the online casino from the list above
  2. follow the link
  3. fill in the registration form
  4. enter you login data
  5. enter your address/billing data
  6. confirm registration
  7. wait until funds are added to your account

Concerning the last point – sometimes you need to contact the support service to get funds on your account. Sometimes you also need to enter the code that allow you to claim bonus.

How to Withdraw Funds from Online Casino with No Deposit Bonus Code

First of all, you should check the withdrawal policy of the online casino you have signed up to. Usually, you need to make a specified amount of bets or make a deposit to withdraw funds. The amount of bets depends on the bonus you have got – it can make a*x, where x- is the bonus amount and a is the coefficient. For example, if you got bonus 350 ZAR and the coefficient makes 5, you need to make bets on the sum that exceeds 5*350=1650 ZAR to make a withdrawal.

Usually South African online casinos offer no deposit bonus in ZAR currency, though there are services that also support Euro and USD, so you need to consider that when choosing a withdrawal option.

Most of the casinos have several different withdrawal options, however, the main list looks like this:

  • VISA/MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

In the recent months many casinos have also added a Bitcoin withdrawal option.

Who Can Claim South African Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

Usually, no deposit bonus can be claimed by any user that has just signed up to the casino when the bonus offer takes effect. Though,there are some restrictions. You cannot claim for bonus if you already have an account in a casino.

One more thing, some of the casino enforce geo restrictions – sometimes you can play in casino and get a bonus if you from South Africa only. Others offer bonuses for players worldwide. Anyway, you need to make sure you have checked the geo policies of the casino to get free funds on your account.

Make sure you do not use any VPN services, so that your IP is not assigned to the restricted country – in this case you are likely not to get bonus.

How to Choose Free Online Casino With No Deposit

As there are many online casinos that grant real money with no deposit you can make an accurate choice. There are many factors to consider as along with the no deposit bonus there are many other advantages and factors like:

  • deposit bonus amount – bonus funds you get when you make a deposit
  • number of games and slots
  • withdrawal/deposit policies
  • special offers casinos have

As you can see in the table above you can press a Review button to find out more information about the casino you are going to get signed up to and that’s where you can find information on other conditions provided by the casino.

It has to be mentioned that if you are going to play in online casino it is important to estimate deposit, no deposit bonuses equally. Most of the casinos offer up to 100% bonus on your account, but less amount of bonus funds after sign up with no deposit. So you need to consider the amount of funds you are ready to deposit in future to make the best choice.

Is SA Online Casino no Deposit Bonus Codes Eligible for All Games?

The welcome bonus you acquire is usually offered for all games. Which means you play for free all online casino games for real money with no deposit. However, sometimes there are restrictions on some games, which means you need to make a deposit to play those for real money.

Sometimes you get free spins on several slots as a welcome bonus. That means you do not get real money on your account, but you can win those without making a deposit. Actually, you should consider that usually bonus you get on your account is not so big, it is only offered to offer you some time of free play and try out the casino games.

How to Keep What You Win When Getting Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Code

Usually, there are wagering requirements you need to comply to withdraw funds. So you cannot just win in the first game you play using the deposit bonus and withdraw funds. It is better to use one of the winning strategies to ensure you will be able to withdraw funds. And in order to implement one of those winning strategies you need more funds on your account as those are usually long-term one’s and need several bets to be made to win more that you lose.

Should I Install Client to Get free ZAR in Online Casino as a No Deposit Bonus?

Some of the casinos need no download for instant play, others offer you to install client. It all depends on the casino you deal with. Usually, you only need to install an app if you play in mobile casino as it is rather to adopt an online casino website to the mobile devices.

The mobile app can be downloaded from the casino’s website.

Can I Play Free Casino Games If I Got No Deposit Bonus In Online Casino?

Yes, you can. No matter under which terms you have signed in to the casino – you still can play for free if you switch to the demo account. You can play slots, roulette, poker or other casino games for free on our website if you want to try out games without signing up to the casino.