The best casino’s game online roulette

Online roulette is a Queen of casino games and it’s the most played game both at land-based and online casinos all over the world. But unlike in a land-based casino, an online roulette gives you an opportunity to play with much lower stakes means with significantly lower risks. Practically every online casino in South Africa provides its players with several types of online roulette: you can play European roulette online, American online roulette for fun and French online roulette for money. Below we’ll explain the difference between each type of online roulette and give you the concept of the best strategy to win.

How to play for free online roulette in South Africa

Before you’ll dive into the world an online roulette, you should get your first free bonus, which almost every online casino offers. In order to get the bonus – go to the bonuses page where we have collected all no deposit bonus codes for online casino in South Africa. Choose where to play the roulette for money and get started!

When the bonus is received, choose any free roulette online game amongst offered in the casino and try your luck. It would be wise if you’ll learn and apply one of the strategies the luckiest online roulette players use. – black and red strategy, the Fibonacci strategy, or, for example, a Martingale strategy which many players consider the best one.

The three types of an online roulette

The rules and a concept are the same for all types of roulettes, but there is a slight difference in American roulette online. The wheel in American roulette has 1-36 numbers, the zero slot, and the double zero slot. With this type of online roulette, you have 1/38 chances for winning.

European and French online roulette has the same set of numbers 1-36 but only one zero slot, so your chances to win are 1/37 which is slightly higher than with an American roulette. However, if you lose in American online roulette, you lose only the half of your stake, while classic roulette implies losing the whole stake that was bet on an unlucky number.

Types of bets of a free online roulette

Obviously, if you want to play roulette online, you should first learn the rules and types of bets. Here is the list of options you’ll be offered while playing free roulette online game.

  • An inside bet – is a bet where you wager your stake on one single number in hopes the ball will land on the slot with this winning number.
  • High or low bet – is the bet where you choose a number in a range between 1-18 or between 9-36.
  • Color bet. You place your bet on black or red numbers.
  • Split bet, Street bet, and a Corner bet. You bet on either of two, three, or four numbers accordingly. 
  • Even or odd number bet.
  • Dozen bet – is a bet where you choose a section of twelve on a table – 1/12, 13/24, 25/35 numbers.

Few words about strategies of a roulette online game

There are dozens of strategies and your task is to choose the best one which will bring you luck and increase your chances for winning. There is no one single strategy to win, but the best are:

  • The Labouchere strategy – you add the first and the last number to a picked “number units”
  • The Fibonacci strategy – is based on a famous Fibonacci numbers row (
  • The Paroli strategy. When you win you increase you following stake x2.

Let’s summarize all about online roulette

  • An online roulette for fun or for money is the best alternative to land-based casino’s roulette. You can play 24/7 without even getting off your comfortable couch. Just focus on the wheel and keep your fingers crossed!
  • You can wager as little money as 2 Rand (or higher stakes) if you prefer to lower your risks.
  • You can play roulette online at any place, even at your work if you use a mobile version of a casino.