Best Paying Online Casino Slots in South Africa

Playing online slots is one of the most popular gambling activity in South Africa. And there is a wide choice of various slots there. That is why most of the players are concerned about finding the best paying online slots in South Africa.

The List of the Best Online Casino Slots in South Africa

Below you can find the list of the most popular and recommended online slots casino in South Africa. We have chosen online casinos with the highest payout rate and the best welcome bonuses in South Africa. One of the most important factor we have considered when making up this list is whether casino is reputable enough.

How to Play Free Online Slots in South Africa

If you want to try out casino to decide whether to play there in future it is better for you to choose an online casino in South Africa with no deposit bonus. No deposit bonus is about getting free real money on your account just for signing in to the casino. Usually the bonus makes up to 300 ZAR- that is enough to try out any slots you want to and decide whether the casino you deal with is worth to play in.

So all you have to do is to proceed registration and enter the lobby. Than you need to redeem the no deposit bonus coupon in the cashier zone. Note that you cannot just withdraw funds after you have made that – there are always additional withdrawal restrictions when it comes to bonus funds – you need to pass the stake limit to be able to make a withdrawal. So consider this bonus as free funds to check out the casino.

What Types of Online Gambling Slots Are Available in South Africa?

There are many types of free online slots in South Africa available. Most of them are worth considering when you decide which slots to choose. The slots usually vary in:

  • theme
  • number of lines
  • special symbols available
  • progressive/standard jackpots
  • bonus games


Theme is about making an atmosphere. It is all about design and special features available due to the theme. For example, there are many sea themed slots for pc, or those that refer to popular trends like Game of Thrones.

Usually theme of the game slot has no influence on the game mechanics – it is only about making and atmosphere.

Number of Lines

Number of lines is factor the directly influences game mechanics. The more there are lines the more can be the jackpot, hence the more winning and losing combinations there are. If you are a beginner it can be better for you to start with online slots with the minimum number of lines available.

Special Symbols

In order to vary the gaming process most of the slots manufacturers provide special symbols – scatter, wild and bonus ones. Those are used to increase the chance of winning if you do not manage to get the winning combination on the rheel or to increase the payout if you manage to.

Progressive/Standard Jackpots

Progressive jackpots consider increase of jackpot amount while time passes. The more time passes after the previous jackpot win the more the current jackpot is. Most of the online casinos in South Africa have both progressive and standard slots.

Bonus Games

Bonus games appear when there is a special symbol appeared on the rheel. During the bonus game you can get free spins or get a higher payout on your account in case of winning.

How to Win When You Play Online Slots for Real Money in South Africa?

There are no guaranteed winning strategies when you play online slots. The best way to win is to choose the online slots casino in South Africa with the highest payout rate. Moreover, do not forget to use deposit and no deposit bonuses – this allows you to make more spins and increase chances to win dramatically.

What Are The Most Popular Online Slots in South Africa?

There are many popular online slots in South Africa. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Apollo slots – the combination of various slots with the high payout rate and many special symbols
  • Vegas slots – themed Las Vegas slots that allow you to get deep in atmosphere of the most famous gambling city in the world
  • Spartan slots – themed slots that are implemented in Antique style

There are many slots for fun offered in South African online casinos. And once you are tired of those it would be a good idea to play online poker in South Africa.