How to earn money playing online casinos in South Africa?

There is one fact to understand if you want to find ways to earn on playing in online casino in South Africa – when you play against casino the chances to lose are always higher the chances to win. However, that doesn’t mean there are no winning strategies existing as you have definitely heard about professional gamblers – people that manage to win more than they lose and the reason the payout in online casinos in South Africa is so high.

So this article is going to be completely dedicated to the subject of withdrawing more money from online casino that you have deposited. Read below to know more.

Ways to Beat Online Casino?

You always need to look on the gameplay mechanics to beat online casino. Depending on the game you need to choose the corresponding strategy to defeat casino. For example, when it comes to the roulette you need to consider the chances – usually there are 35-37 (depending on the roulette type) cells the ball can fall in. And those cells are divided by blocks, so that your winning probability tends to ⅓ (if you choose the line), ½ (if you choose the colour or even/odd numbers) and so forth.

One of the most primitive and working strategies for roulette is to make bets on the single colour and double those each game until you win. For example, you make a bet of $1 on red. If you lose the bet you make another bet on red, but it should be doubled – $2. There is a high a probability that in the next game you will win due to the theory of probability. And as the stake was doubled you will win more than you have lost in the end.

However, there is one risk for such a strategy to enforce – you can run out of the money on your account before you win. That’s why there are many other strategies of winning in roulette and other games based on the theory of probability and statistics.

How to Choose Online Casino You Can Earn Money From?

Below you can find the online casinos with the highest probability for you to win and make money online in South Africa for free. The list was made with the consideration of payout rate, deposit and no deposit bonuses, special offers, reputability of the online casino and the variety of games available.

How to Cheat in South African Online Casino?

There are actually no many option for cheat when you play in online casino. The easiest way to cheat is to use no deposit and deposit bonuses more than once – however, that rarely works to the moderation of accounts online casinos conduct.

The best way to cheat with online casino (although that cannot be called cheating) is to use gambling calculators – this can increase your chances to win dramatically as all the games in online casinos are about chances to win that are determined by the theory of probability.

Due to the efforts casinos bring to avoid hacking their system it is rather hard to crack any of the service’s elements. And moreover, it is legal to make such attempts.

How to Earn Money from Online Casino if You Are a Novice Gambler?

When it comes to the luck there is no difference between the novice and professional gambler. However, there is a difference in decision-making between those. Professional gambler always understands when it is time to stop or change strategy while beginner player lucks experience to do this. So the best way to stop being a novice player and increase your winning chances is to gain practice.

There is a practice tip for you if you are beginner player and are going to play video slots – choose the simplest ones – with the minimum number of lines and combinations as it is going to be easier for you to make decisions there.

How to Win in Online Casino Game Against Other Players?

If you play not against a casino, but against other players (poker, blackjack) it would be a good idea for you to improve your skills by trying out playing in free online poker and blackjack rooms.

All you need to do is to register and login to the online poker and blackjack rooms with free tables available.

How to Get Money out of Online Casino Without Making a Deposit?

If you want to take money of out casino you need to gamble responsibly. First of all, consider no deposit and deposit bonuses – most of the gambling strategies are build on making bets during the tens of games one-by-one so you need a considerable amount of money and bets to make to implement that strategy.

That’s why it is better to use bonuses and special offers casinos make as it increases your chances to take money out of the casino.