Visa Casino and MasterCard casino payments guide

Visa debit online casino payments are the most secure way of making a deposit to the gambling site, along with a MasterCard. By using such methods as Vanilla MasterCard online casino payment or money transferring to online casino with Visa you bring 100% certainty to your withdrawals and deposit makings. Comparing to electronic payment systems, with prepaid credit card online casino can be more beneficial as banks charge a smaller-to-none fee for money transactions.

So, whether you prefer a prepaid Visa card online casino payment or you like depositing funds via MasterCard online casino method, you’ll be offered the variety of convenient and safe ways to make transactions. You can also make MasterCard and Visa debit online casino payments through your mobile device which makes working with South Africa’s online casinos easier than ever.

Take a look at this list of casinos and pick your best online casino that accepts MasterCard and Visa.

Advantages of Visa debit online casino payment (and a credit card also)

An online casino Visa electron payment allows you making a deposit from any place in the world, including South Africa. Finding an online casino accepting Visa gift cards is also an easy task in South Africa, especially when it comes to TOP online casinos.

Advantages of vanilla MasterCard online casino payment

MasterCard online casino payment is reasonably one of the most popular methods of your casino’s account funding due to its guaranteed safety and transparency. MasterCard uses a highly reliable encryption technology that allows all your credit card casino online payments to be totally secured.

FAQ on debit and credit card casino online payment

  • Can I start playing games right after depositing funds via online casino prepaid Visa method?

    In some cases online casino takes MasterCard and Visa payments instantly, but in other cases the simple additional procedure of verification may be required (you’ll be asked to fill in the form or to withdraw some money back on your card to make sure you are the real owner of the card).

  • Is there any difference between using credit card casino online and debit card casino online payment?

    There is no difference for a casino, but there is a difference in a concept of these two types of cards: if online casino accepts prepaid MasterCard (a debit card) that means you have to have your own money on your bank accounts, while credit card, for instance online casino Visa electron card, means you receive a line of credit from your bank, so you’ll use borrowed money.

  • Is using Visa debit online casino payment legal?

    It is totally legal in South Africa and above you can see the list of sites to find out what online casino accepts MasterCard and Visa deposit. Moreover, every major live casino accepts Visa debit online casino and MasterCard payments first hand, offering a variety of bonuses instantly, as soon as the real money depositing is done.

What about alternatives to credit card casino online payments?

If (due to some reasons) you are not interested in Visa or Vanilla MasterCard online casino payments, you may opt for electronic money transferring systems like PayPal or Skrill or Neteller.

Unlike MasterCard and Visa credit card casino payments, electronic methods allow relative anonymity and instant money transferring to both sides.